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Woazaa is a fabulous FREE platform for all users who want share their art and passion without limits.

In a world where freedom of expression is being challenged, we’ve created a space where every voice counts. Woazaa was born of the conviction that creativity, art and passion deserve to be expressed without limits or restrictions.

Here, every creative person, whether a photographer, writer, artist or enthusiast, can share their work and their vision of the world with complete peace of mind. Our platform focuses on integrity, respect and valuing the diversity of talent.

We believe in a world that is open, inclusive and respectful of everyone’s fundamental rights. Join us in celebrating creativity, encouraging freedom of expression and building a community united around shared values.

Discover, share and express yourself. Welcome to the Woazaa family.

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Woazaa is a FREE social network designed by content Creators…

Woazaa is the only platform offering access to all users to express their art and creativity without any limits. 

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To create an account on Woazaa, the minimum age required is : 18 years 

Any user attempting to register on the platform as a minor will be liable to have their account permanently closed.

Woazaa is a unique social network that respects everyone’s freedom of expression. Users can post photos, videos, etc. and discuss specific topics by creating groups, live chat…

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To quickly identify profiles, we have set up a Creators and Fans badge system :

  • Verified icon ✅ : Users who have a “Certified Account Badge” next to their username (small “check” icon) have validated their account with an official identity card. These profiles are therefore considered authentic and completed at 100%.

Even though WOAZAA values freedom of expression, the following types of content are strictly forbidden :

  • Any illegal content (photos, videos, comments, chat, etc.) or that promotes illegal activities.
    • Glorification of crimes against humanity
    • Denial or minimization of crimes against humanity
    • Glorification of terrorism
    • Incitement to racial hatred
    • Distribution of violent or pedophilic images
    • Encouragement of violence
    • Promotion of sexual or sexist violence
    • Violations of human dignity
    • Harassment
    • Racial slurs
    • Sexist slurs
    • Defamation
    • Violations of the right to personal image and privacy
    • Spam
  • Defamatory, hateful, or discriminatory content.
  • Material protected by copyright or trademark laws, unless you have the necessary rights or have received all required permissions.
  • Other content that WOAZAA, at its sole discretion, deems inappropriate.